Friday, December 9, 2011

They are out to get me

I've started to wonder... 

 I have an amazing and a very smart family.
 My husband and kids have the ability to read my mind.
Every time I EVEN think I might sneak some time in crafting they plan differently!
I really think they are out to get me. wink wink 
I even thought I could out smart them but nope waking early didn't work either...

I dearly love them and they do come first and for most.
 But honestly feel like I could hire a babysitter just to get a couple hours of straight crafting time in.


  1. LOL! Isn't that always the case!? I often sit down to start sewing, the baby cries, and I say just kidding.
    At least by the time we're grandma's we'll have all the tricks under our belt and can get serious and craft with gusto! :)

  2. Really? I sure hope so! Can't manage to get anything done over here right now either!

  3. I think I figured out why my mother-in-law didn't attempt to sew for a year after having a baby. Figured out I can crochet during the day.

  4. I used to sew standing up at the counter in the kitchen in South Haven!